Monday, June 16, 2008

Take a listen....

So up in NYC I have met a lot of artists and two especially stick out, Grafh and Mickey Factz . Grafh is signed to Koch Records and Mickey is about to be signed to a label, so I am not allowed to speak on his label condition until everything is confirmed and the papers are signed. Grafh received notoriety for his 'Myspace Jumpoff" song, which I didn't really like too much but after meeting him and hearing his new music I definitely changed my mind about him. Mickey has a show coming up at S.O.B.'s in the city on Tuesday and I strongly suggest if you are in the NYC area to come check it out...

Now, NYC has been very kind to me but I can't forget my home team, RMG!!! Make sure to check out BALI, the first artist presented to you by Grammy award winning, super producers: The Runners. As you can see, I rep Bali to the fullest:

If you do not have a copy of Bali's: The Come Up mixtape you can download it for free here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

in the studio with WHO???

all smiles @ Plush
- maguire
p.s. i see u b-eazy, aton, and mike!!! u c meee

Street Buzz

There are a few movers and shakers in every city that really know what to do in order to be successful. Every few months Mercedes Streets (and a bunch of other, not as imporant, people) throw a music conference called Street Buzz. If you are in Orlando, Fl on Monday June 16th, I highly suggest you go. Its at Club Destiny. For more information hit up Mercedes Streets Myspace Page. It is definetly is a great event for networking, especially if you are an unsigned artist. Stay on the grind and attend the event!

The Runners and I holding up the awards we got at the previous Street Buzz conference... its a problem!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

I got Skillz

The other day when I was in the Koch office I got the opportunity to catch up with the big homie Skillz. His new album, million dollar backpack, drops July 22nd. We did a brief interview which I will play on the radio show when I get back in Orlando...

Speaking of the radio show, I wouldn't be able to do it without my big brother DJ Skream. Make sure to go to Orlando Weekly and vote for DJ Skream as best Nightclub DJ at Tabu!


I caved

So everyone and there mother has a "blog" now so I feel like I should jump on the bandwagon and make one- especially because everyone always tells me that my life should be a reality show because it is well, quite interesting being a 21 year old white, jewish female involved in the hip hop game. I'll do my best to keep whoever decides to read this updated with whats going on in the world of Jessie... so stay tuned and send me your music if your the next jay-z...

time to go get loose with my big homies from Koch records and hit up the NYC night life and spend JB's foreign currency:

- maguire