Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Note from The Maguire

Hey.. Thanks for checking out As of right now, each time I post a new song or video each entity always gets its own new post. To make it more convenient, I am going to be combining each new music post into one post per day so that it makes it easy for everyone to download the music. So instead of five or 6 posts per day with new music, there will be one post containing all the new music i want to showcase in one convenient post, starting now. I will be updating it all day everyday so make sure to keep checking back. If you have any exclusives or any music you feel should be showcased feel free to send them my way at
On another note, I am looking for some new graphics/layout for the page, if you are interested please contact me at Thanks and enjoy The Maguire (pause).
And one more thing.. a big shoutout to On Smash, Nah Right, World Star and all of the other hip hip blog/websites out there. Yes I do get a lot of exclusives myself, but i definitely utilize those sites for content as well. I always give props to people who deserve it so good looks to everyone out there doing their thing!