Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Download: XV - A.D.D

shouts to 2dopeboyz and XV


Badio - Say You Will (freestyle) from Q. Ledbetter on Vimeo.

My boy Badio is back with this Say You Will Remix music video! Whatup B! Stay focused, Stay grinding!


Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW MUSIC: RIck Ross ft. Nas and Kevin Cossom

I was in the studio for part of this being recorded... Great to hear what it ended up sounding like :)
Oh and Tune in to the show *NEXT Wednesday as Rick Ross will be joining us!

Download: RIck Ross ft. Nas and Kevin Cossom - The Usual Suspects (produced by The Inkredibles)

NEW VIDEO: LeBron James on 60 Minutes

NEW VIDEO: Asher Roth

NEW MUSIC: Jadakiss

The Last Kiss In Stores April 7th! And don't forget to tune in Wednesday night at 11pm to The Backstage Pass with Jessie Maguire and V.O.S as Jadakiss is our special guest! WPRK 91.5fm or http://www.wprkdj.org to tune in via live stream online.

Download: Jadakiss - Cartel Gathering f. Ghostface & Raekwon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Serius Jones

Friday, March 27, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies:


Download: Jay-Z - Maybe
shouts to the NMC

NEW EVENT: TECHnically Music Seminar

If you are in Florida and want to learn how to use the internet and other technologies to have a successful career in the music business I encourage you to check out the TECHnically Music Seminar going down at The Plaza Theatre on April 25th, 2009. This event is for aspiring musicians, producers, and anyone looking to have a career in the entertainment industry regardless of genre! It will be all encompassing and i truly suggest it! Sign up by clicking: here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Slaughterhouse

Music Video for "Move On" by Slaughterhouse:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


NEW VIDEO: Jim Jones

This is the interview with Flex where Jim reaches out to Cam:

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Music: Smitty


Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down

shouts to my big bro Kevin Cossom for writing this record!

NEW EXCLUSIVE: The Runners and John Walsh

As I told you all previously, The Runners produced the new America's Most Wanted theme song. We got a lot of behind the scenes footage so i compiled it together into this video to let you all see what went in to creating a theme song that not only had The Runner's signature sound, but also stayed true to the original AMW sound! Catch America's Most Wanted every Saturday night at 9:00pm on FOX!

NEW VIDEO: B.O.B and Charles Hamilton

B.O.B and Charles Hamilton performing at SXSW:

shouts to gotty

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Curren$y

Curren$y is definetly an artist that is HEAVY in rotation on my ipod and on my radio show.. THIS AINT A MIXTAPE drops 4/21... support music and BUY the album...

Download: Curren$y - Star Power
shouts to Onsmash


shouts to Spiff TV and Smitty... Florida boys!

NEW VIDEO: Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange at XM Sirius Radio [Behind the Scenes]

shouts to restinbeats

NEW VIDEO: Curren$y & Blu & Exile

Curren$y performing "Modern Day Hippie" at SXSW:

Blu & Exile performing "No Greater Love" at SXSW:

shouts to Gotty

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Joe Budden

NEW VIDEO: Obama on Jay Leno

Friday, March 20, 2009

NEW EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Smilez and Lloyd

Mr. Smilez takes you on a tour of Circle House Studios in Miami, Florida while he and Lloyd are recording his new SMASH single "Nite Life":

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Shamrock dropped by the show to let us know what he has been up to since he won the White Rapper Show, his thoughts on John Brown, and what he has planned for the future:

NEW VIDEO: Rollins Virtual Tour

Some of my friends were bored and decided to make this video about our college. This is for comedic purposes only!! Thought I would give it some love on the blog because I found it rather entertaining!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NEW VIDEO: The Kid Daytona

GUEST BLOG: Greg Rollett and Gen-Y Rock Stars

Gaming Hip-Hop Bloggers

Press separates the boys from the men, but really it separates a good release vs. one that collects digital dust. In the age of social networks, blogging, twitter and other new media, getting word of mouth and viral traction can produce more hype and push more downloads than an interview in the Source.

Last year an NYU study proved that the heavier the push in blogs, the better the release. If an album hits the round on 40 blogs, sales increased to 3x that of the average. Get 250+ reviews and see sales jump 6x. That’s a damn good jump.

While the posts and reviews are exciting, it’s the conversations that can happen, and the way that messages spread that is really exciting for musicians. With embed codes for playlists, retweets or Twitter music services like Twisten or Blip.fm, your music can spread ten fold.

The key then is getting your music into the influential bloggers hands. No longer is it as easy as hiring a high priced publicist who knows an editor or 2. These days the kid blogging in his bedroom may hit the front page of Digg and be the next big thing online overnight. To stay on point follow these 8 tips to getting to the top of the blog charts.

  1. Know where to look. Knowing what bloggers are hot and what writers cover your style of music is the first step. A great places to start is the Hype Machine. Also use Google Blog and News searches to see where your competition is being reviewed.
  1. Pay attention and start a conversation. In this day and time everyone is trying to get the attention of music bloggers so you need to stand out from the pack of backpackers who are sending MP3’s everyday with the same story. Get their attention by reading their site, commenting and sending emails that are conversation starters. Build a relationship during your recording phases so when the album is ready to drop you know you can count on the blogger to help you out.
  1. No attachments. Upload your music to a 3rd party service like SoundCloud, Box.net or BandCamp. Make sure the track or album is high quality, even for the Internet.
  1. Follow up. We get hundreds of emails everyday, and even if I do remember who you are, chances are that I need a reminder to go back and download the tracks and give you a review. Continue the conversation and be friendly. What goes around comes back around.
  1. Volume. The more bloggers and social media pros that you befriend, the better chance of getting more reviews. Seems like common sense, but there are also friendly rivalries and everyone wants to break the next artist, its how they keep traffic and recruit new traffic. If their site pays the bills via advertising, they need eyeballs, or visitors to keep the checks coming.
  1. Offer to help them out. Can you bog about one of their articles? Can you send out a RT (retweet) for them? Make sure you have a WIIFM (what’s in it for me) to the author.
  1. Links. Bloggers love links. If they write about you, link to them on your site. Send them traffic and your fans. If you send them traffic, they will keep writing about you.
  1. It’s all about the stats. Look and see what bloggers send you the most traffic and ignite the most sales. Keep those relationships fresh. It’s easier to keep a good thing going then to start a new one from scratch.

Put these 8 tips to use and get your singles, albums and EP’s on the fingertips of keyboards and into playlists and online shopping carts.

For more music marketing tips, check out Gen-Y Rock Stars by Greg Rollett. Download their free guides and get daily advice on how to boost sales, increase exposure and keep your business intact for the next generation of musician.

Monday, March 16, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Roccett

NEW VIDEO: 88 Keys

88 Keys ft. Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra):

NEW Audio: Jim Jones

Jim Jones denies shots being fired at a recent event in Detroit. Speaks to Miss Info and says he is A - OK.

shouts to Missinfo.tv for the audio

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan on The Jimmy Fallon Show:

*shouts to 3030fm

NEW VIDEO: Joe Budden

Joe Budden - In My Sleep:

If you do not have Padded Room you MUST buy it at www.amalgamdigital.com.

New Video: Fat Joe ft. Akon

Fat Joe. Ft Akon - One :

Shouts to Kevin Cossom who wrote it...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just Blaze called into my radio show (The Backstage Pass with Jessie Maguire and V.O.S.) twice to talk about his thoughts on Ed Hardy and then to catch up and speak on some things going on like the Maino video, writing records, Saigon and Amalgam Digital, and the usual Just Blaze knowledge. I swear, this dude is one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Something was wrong with the station phone for the first call in so I don't have any of his thoughts on Ed Hardy recorded but he has "retired the anti hardy brigade" after this interview anyway.

NEW VIDO: Ryan Leslie and Usher

Life footage from the show at SOB's last night of Ryan Leslie and Usher:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Video: Diddy on Ellen

Diddy speaks on the Chris Brown/Rhianna situation:

New Video: Sucks to be this guy....

College students gets first answer wrong on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire:

First Question Wrong On Millionaire - Watch more Funny Videos

New Video: Asher Roth

New Video: Dujeous

Monday, March 9, 2009

R.I.P Biggie

Notorious B.I.G's Last Interview on The Wake Up Show (6 days before his death):

NEW VIDEO: The Dream

The Dream - Rockin That Thing Music Video:

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Download: Smitty - Killing Em'
shouts to dj young legend

NEW VIDEO: Rick Ross ft. John Legend

Rick Ross ft. John Legend - Magnificent (produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League):

NEW VIDEO: Jadakiss

Jadakiss brings out Camron at his Apollo Theater performance!:

NEW MUSIC: Curren$y

The album drops March 31st!

Download: Curren$y - Scared of Monsters

NEW MUSIC: Roccett

NEW MUSIC: Immortal Technique

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tune in tonight to Americas Most Wanted at 9pm to hear the premier of the new theme song produced by The Runners!

*Update: here is the rip of the Americas Most Wanted theme song produced by The Runners:
Download: The Runners - Americas Most Wanted Theme Song
shouts to Illionaire!

*Update again with the video (thanks Dre!):

New Music: Glasses Malone

Friday, March 6, 2009


I got the chance to see the second to last show T.I. performed before he goes off to serve his sentence of a year and a day (even though I am pretty sure he will get out sooner, just a hunch). Although he was late (a rapper, late to a show? SHOCKER!) he came, and he killed it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many records he performed from his past albums, which was nice, since this was only my second time seeing him in concert since I missed out on a few previous album tours. I'm not much of a writer so I decided to capture a lot (but not all) of the concert using my flip cam and upload the videos to youtube so instead of me talking about the concert, you can see what i saw.

T.I. talks to the haters and then performs "You Don't Know Me":

T.I. performs 24's:

T.I. says even the haters can party with him and performs Whatup, Whats Happenin:

T.I. talks about the bullshit written on the internet:

T.I. performs Celibate and What You Know:

T.I. performs Live Your Life and Whatever You Like and says that he is not afraid about his upcoming jail sentence (please ignore the annoying chick who is singing next to me):

That took me allll day to upload, sorry that the quality is not so good but hey, like i said, you get to see the show how i saw it. Enjoy!

New Exclusive: T.I

I got the pleasure of watching T.I. perform his second to last show before he spends a year and a day. Concert review (Maguire style = short and sweet, lol) and live video's coming soon.

For now here is a video of some Magic players dancing the night away....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Nas ft. Marsha Ambrosius


I sat down with Slim Thug when he came through Orlando to promote the release of Boss of All Boss's which comes out March 24th. He talks about the Houston hip hop scene, the album, and why he is not a "rapper":

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Lil Wayne

The "Prom Queen" Video:

NEW MUSIC: Slaughterhouse

Download: Slaughterhouse - Fight Club

shouts to Onsmash

NEW VIDO: Charles Hamilton

Don't Get Gassed: Charles Hamilton Gets Ripped By His Own Fan In Penn State University? Charles Hamilton & Some Fan Freestyle Cyphers! "Catch Him Jackin Off To Asher Roth":

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ACTUAL BLOG: Rhymefest - B BOY

So I was reading Allhiphop.com's article about Rhymefest and saw that they had posted this video at the end of the piece:

I was in the studio the night that Fest was attempting (lol) to record to that insane Just Blaze beat. I remember being in Baseline for like 10 hours (it felt like 2, though) and Fest was struggling to write to the record. The session ended and he still was not very far along. He wasn't struggling because he isn't a dope MC (we all know he is one of the greatest) but he was struggling because he wanted a certain vibe and the words weren't coming to him. After watching the video and hearing the record, Fest did an incredible job, but it made me think about how many times rappers tell me "I can record a song in 30 minutes", as if that is something that they are proud of. Just because you can crank out a song in a half hour does not mean you have any extra special talent, if anything, it means you RUSH things. What is wrong with taking your time on a record, so that you can make the record sound as perfect as possible? I think that is what separates the "men" from the 'boys" in this industry. Now, there are a few exceptions to this "speed writing" like KC (Kevin Cossom). I have witnessed him write a phenomenal hook in 15 minutes, but that is a skill that MOST people do not possess, and even he can't do that all the time. I do not know why people think it makes me impressed to hear that you made four songs in four hours at the studio.
Lesson: The amount of time it takes you to make a record holds absolutely no weight when it comes to the question if your a talented artist or not, so stop thinking it does.
(This is not directed to any artist specifically, just a trend I am noticing and wanted to speak on it)

NEW MUSIC: Slim Thug

NEW EXCLUSIVE: Starrs & Murph ft. Vic Damone

Starrs & Murph F/ Vic Damone "Money Over Here" Live Performance:

shouts to DJ Onpoint!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Video: Big Sean

8 Minutes with Big Sean:

8 min with Big Sean from Pugs Atomz on Vimeo.

NEW VIDEO: Jim Jones

Capo's latest video for Na Na NaNa Na Na:

NEW VIDO: GLC and Kanye

GLC and Kanye work on "Money, Hoes, Cars, Clothes":

NEW VIDEO: Cam'ron Interview