Friday, March 6, 2009


I got the chance to see the second to last show T.I. performed before he goes off to serve his sentence of a year and a day (even though I am pretty sure he will get out sooner, just a hunch). Although he was late (a rapper, late to a show? SHOCKER!) he came, and he killed it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many records he performed from his past albums, which was nice, since this was only my second time seeing him in concert since I missed out on a few previous album tours. I'm not much of a writer so I decided to capture a lot (but not all) of the concert using my flip cam and upload the videos to youtube so instead of me talking about the concert, you can see what i saw.

T.I. talks to the haters and then performs "You Don't Know Me":

T.I. performs 24's:

T.I. says even the haters can party with him and performs Whatup, Whats Happenin:

T.I. talks about the bullshit written on the internet:

T.I. performs Celibate and What You Know:

T.I. performs Live Your Life and Whatever You Like and says that he is not afraid about his upcoming jail sentence (please ignore the annoying chick who is singing next to me):

That took me allll day to upload, sorry that the quality is not so good but hey, like i said, you get to see the show how i saw it. Enjoy!