Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NEW VIDO: Charles Hamilton

Don't Get Gassed: Charles Hamilton Gets Ripped By His Own Fan In Penn State University? Charles Hamilton & Some Fan Freestyle Cyphers! "Catch Him Jackin Off To Asher Roth":


that was pretty sick! but he said that is wasnt a battle on his blog, but just a cypher of sorts, i dunno i would say that to when ur opponent says things like " do what u so best and roll up in a ball." ouch!!!

I'd like to leave you a rhyme or two but I'll spare you the space.
The guy spittin' against Charles was cool and he was cool only because he got his chance and seized it the best way he knew how, by rhyming instead of taking a pic with Chuck.
I wouldn't say Charles got served up or anything but I would say hip hop is alive and well. I know where your affiliation lies...RFest (LOL)


Other dude-embarrassed himself.

Thats what hip hop needs to get back to freestyling in a group...

Dead all this rap beef...