Thursday, May 28, 2009


A lot of people have been wondering about two big tours happening this summer: Rock The Bells and Lil Wayne. As you know Rock The Bells has always stopped in Miami and it was a surprise to many that when the tour dates were released for this year, Miami was noticeably missing. This is what was explained to me regarding the Miami tour date from one of the other promoters. Usually one person takes on the responsibility of throwing the show but this year the Miami show was being funded by three different people/companies instead of just one. Now, the company that funded the past Miami dates came up with their share of the funds, but the other partners have not yet. The official word on the Miami show that I received as of 5 minutes ago was that it is "50/50" on happening. If it does happen, it will be at a different venue and will take place indoors. Myself and WPRK have no financial ties to Rock The Bells at all, we only promote the shows through allocated ticket giveaways that we get from the promoters. WPRK has received tons of phone calls regarding the Miami date and I personally have gotten over one hundred people asking me what is up with the show so I felt it necessary to take to my blog and address this and give you guys all of the information i have.

Secondly, A lot of people have been asking me about Drake and Lil Wayne. It is confirmed that Drake and Lil Wayne will be on tour together in July. I do not know who is joining them, if anyone. I know their is a lot of speculation that Jay-Z will also be on that tour as well as Jeezy but I have not received any confirmation regarding those two artists. No tour dates except for a stop in DC have been released but when I get the official tour dates I will be sure to post them on the blog.


This is very disappointing news. I don't understand why they couldn't get their act together, especially since the last 2 years, Rock The Bells has been VERY successful in Miami. Please keep us informed, seeing as you seem to be the only person to be getting info on the Miami show.