Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I went to the Slaughterhouse listening session last night in New York and got to hear a few brand new cuts off the upcoming Slaughterhouse album. I don't think I am allowed to speak on it too much now, but i have a sit down, formal interview with the boys on thursday so I will see what album info I can get out of them then. The video below is of some footage on some random topics that were discussed. It was refreshing to see rappers so excited about releasing an album that they were rhyming along with each others verses while the songs were playing. Slaughterhouse has the potential and the team behind them to really be a huge success so I am very excited to see their impact on hiphop. The last part of the video is Royce and the guys discussing the charles hamilton/dilla situation but i was asked kindly by Royce's manager not to release that footage as that was a conversation that royce wants to remain private. Royce did reach out to Charles and explain to him that he need not be talking to certain people from Detroit the way he is, and after that conversation Charles did apologize. Nobody wants this to escalade into anything violent so props to royce for reaching out and looking out for Charles, lets just hope Charles listens.

*turn your volume all the way up as there was a lot of people in the room talking from every direction.