Monday, August 10, 2009


Tomorrow is August 11th aka the day the Slaughterhouse album is released... and also the day that Joe Budden's Escape Route is released exclusivly on I know the Slaughterhouse album leaked 2 weeks ago, but going out to the store or going online and PURCHASING the album is something YOU NEED to do for hiphop to remain alive. Think about it, the way artists make money is for people to purchase stuff. By stuff I mean albums, merchandise, concert tickets, ect. We are killing the music industry because we refuse to go out and spend money on our favorite artists because we can get it for free, but if artists don't stay paid, artists will stop making music. I plan to work in the music industry for as long as possible, but if fans don't support artists financially, there will be no industry for me to work in. Everybody and their mother wants to rap or produce now, and trust me, if these same people do not purchase albums, there will be no money for them to make. Every member in Slaughterhouse has done a great job putting out FREE music in one way or another, so please find $10, go to the store, or go online and PURCHASE the album.
Maguire, Out.