Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"That TM:103 is on the way"

When you are the trap, it’s always hot in these streets, even when they’re the manicured asphalt of Manhattan. So Jay Jenkins is still pumping that weight—just in the gym of the plush London Hotel. See, it’s all part of the upkeep for Young Jeezy™, Household Name. He’s got a Wayne/Drake tour to stay in shape for and a new album (Thug Motivation 103) to promote. In other words, time for another assault from rap’s most counterintuitively creative man. Seriously. Admit it: You don’t think Jeezy is lyrical, or even artistic. Yet, he sold a milli (twice) in an age when gold makes moguls, and even Kanye has requested a personal consult. Is the man a thug motivator or a deceptively savvy songwriter? Why choose one? After all, there’s a reason we paired him with graf god ESPO: both know that it takes both qualities—vision and skill—to get over.