Thursday, October 8, 2009


"I was bout as uncool as a neice's mother bigger brother"

Download: Lupe Fiasco - Fire

*Updated With Lyrics*

[Verse 1]

i was bout as uncool as a nieces mothers biggest brother
but now its all butter
now i'm bout as uncool as some cover to a pool from a puddle
like a monsoon but subtler
slowly pull up my pants or sag it to a flooder
now u need a submarine the way im cuffin my jeans
like i'm arresting my dress code
the dress clothes and the dress toes
so lets roll
ghetto lambda lambda's how i address those
n***** might peep and think geek
but you need that when you knee deep goin on waste high
get up to your neck just like a great tie
i finally got the windsor, like on my eighth try
your shirts still soakin wet, your slacks ain't dry
and i have yet to even fall from the sky
i'm hotter than red with a head full of lye
better run and get spike, tell him i'm on fire

[Verse 2]
hell, i don't wanna see ya like a male stripper
as you picture yourself lookin at pictures of male strippers
thats how that i don't wanna go to hell n****
wish ya well like a wishin well wisher wish itself
it fell at first so now i sail with ya
if it happen to sink, i pitch in with pales
and pitchers, bucket and cup it back to the river
then cover the leak with garbage pail kid stickers
{dynamite} and first aid the way ya saviors
now ya flow look like my bedroom door when i was four
no rockin that boat, or you be swimmin, fo sho
oh, i stay ship shape all aboard
thats just how i roll, when i try and keep the run afloat
hatins a disease and its deadly if you catch it
crabs in the bucket always tryna pull me backwards
position rarely change so they dont really matter
if not the same then similar like asher and mathers

[Verse 3]
bully or i bogard, bodacious so i'm humphrey
i used to rubber band, but now i got a bungee
if you let me expand, that refers to the money
gucci's all good, chanel is all chummy
and that aint even for me, my honey and my mommy
i'd rather be bummy, nappy on top
cipriani in my tummy, the fade is for the fans
not even for my fans, its more for like the brand
whether you hear the words, or just a show of hands
the sign language lady who be translatin my jams
you really like the beats or you barely understand
why i throw my set up wherever i am
man, its cuz i love my town
my mind was a sponge, but now its sham-wow
i never throw in the towel so just wipe me down
but don't you get to close they might have to put you out

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