Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEW MIXTAPE: The League of Extraordinary G'z

While many devoted fans of Hip Hop mourn a genre and culture on the decline,
weakened in the wake of the bling decade and pop pandering, a revolution has
been quietly building deep in the heart of Texas. Three separate but equally
acclaimed independent rap groups in the capital city of Austin, recognizing
a shared passion for raw musicality over endless empty club bangers, have
decided to team up for what promises to be an exciting and defining event in
Central Texas rap history: The League of Extraordinary G'z.

The lineup of "The League" consists of the groups C.O.D., Dred Skott, and
Southbound, all familiar faces in the underground Texas rap circuit. Earlier
this year, the group was featured in MTV Jam's Texas All Star Edition as up
and coming artists from the Central Texas region. More recently, Dred Skott
member Reggie Coby produced  Devin the Dude's lead single "What I Be On" off
the Suite 420 album.

Former Source Magazine writer and SXSW music booker Matt Sonzala said of the
project, "The League of Extraordinary G'z are a force to be reckoned with.
Comprised of some of the top MC's from the strongest groups in Central
Texas, the LOEG'z are like a down south Wu Tang with a Goodie Mob attitude
and a straight gangster sound. Reality rap is not dead and these boys are
proving it."

On their latest project, C.O.D. members S.Dot and Tuk-da-Gat pair up for a
highly anticipated mixtape release which features these phenomenal MC's
trading bars over solid original production and radio cuts. In support of
this project, features by fellow League members display what fans can look
forward to hearing as they prepare to drop their heavily anticipated debut

Download The Whiteboy Mixtape: S.Dot vs. Tuk-da-Gat  at