Friday, February 18, 2011


"Misunderstood" is the first single off Will Brennan's upcoming mixtape, The Mason-Dixon Line. The song is an extremely thoughtful examination of marijuana's prohibition through a verse that personifies the controversial plant from beginning to end. The video is a must-watch for any supporters of the legalization of marijuana as well as those against it. The song is complete with a guitar solo by Dana Harmon during which Will discusses the specifics of his beliefs on marijuana usage. The Mason-Dixon Line drops February 21st!

The basic premise of the tape, as outlined by the title, is that this the tape is where Trunk-Rattling Southern Instrumentals meet the Conscious/Lyrical style of hip hop found in the north. Also, the racially charged nature of the title is reflected in the content of Will Brennan's rhymes. Will rhymes about slavery, institutionalization, obesity, drug-addiction, promiscuity, and other ills that plague the black community. Coming February 21st!