Friday, October 18, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Cheeks Bossman – “Designer”

Fresh off the release of the remix to his song “Feel Like the Sh*t” featuring Yo Gotti, Green Eyes Music Group rapper Cheeks Bossmanhas drops the track “Designer.” Not only did take a liking toCheek’s new video, but a host of Southern Hip-Hop blogs have all picked up on the young Tampa artist’s ability to write catchy songs for the streets. “I just really try to make music that speaks to the streets of Tampa and my hood and that speaks to whats actually going on. The “Designer” song is just sample of the type of music G.E.M.G. is going to put out,” Cheeks Bossman explained. “From cool songs like “Designer” on MTV to the street anthem, ‘Feel Like the Sh*t” with Yo Gotti, I know we have a chance to reach all types of audiences.” People are definitely starting to recognize the G.E.M.G. movement Cheeks has put together over the past few years. You can bear witness to the movement yourself via all the social media links below but make sure to check out Cheek’s Instagram, its def entertaining.