Tuesday, October 8, 2013

(NEW VIDEO) TJ Boyce - "No Panties"

Bred to sing southern gospel music, R&B singer/rapper TJ Boyce grew up in a musical family with his father being a pastor and his mother a singer in the church. TJ Boyce was given a true ability to write songs and to produce music that has an undeniable element of musically that has been lost in much of todays music. "Today with the technology that's available, even people who have very little musical talent can create music that can be successful. My music has a certain level of musicality to it that's reminiscent of music in the 60's, 70's and 80's. You don't hear that today," TJ explained. To get things started TJ recently released the video for his song "No Panties" in which he is accompanied by famed model/stripper Maliah Michel. Crooning his way to the hearts of women and making his way to the fellas late night playlists, TJ Boyce is making a name for himself not only in Texas but across the south and across the internet's blogospere with his new video for "No Panties,"