Friday, November 8, 2013

NEW MUSIC: San Diego Rapper Granzlam Releases "Turnin Down Nothin";

(San Diego, CA) Southern, California rapper Granzlam lets loose of his new track"Turnin Down for Nothin." Fresh off the release of his track "Michelle Obama," an ode to those women who take care of their business in presidential kind of way, Granz has announced plans for releasing the video for the song after receiving widespread success online. (WetheWest, BallersEve, FlyTimesDaily, TheMaguire, DJ Scream's HoodrichDJs and Jay Z's LifeandTimes)

 Granz is, "grateful for all the support received for the last single" and says, "I try to make music that people can have fun to, I grew up not having a lot of things, but I live in San Diego, California where its about 70 or 80 degrees year round, so I can't really be that mad about a lot of things." "I can walk up the street and eat an avocado, get taco, go to the beach and smoke some good kush and I'm cool man. But don't sleep we like to turn up out here, we love to party in San Diego," Granz added.