Friday, November 1, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Big Lyfe ft Young Reb - "Ovatime"

In a city that's yielded several Hip-Hop superstars over the past few years in Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, the grind still continues for one ofPittsburgh most street savvy and hard working record labels, Steel City Records. Led by CEO and founder Ron McCrae and a host of young talent in Big Lyfe and Young Nate, Ron's son, the guys have made their way around the country doing shows and performing at DJ conferences for nearly 5 years and have started to make their presence known online amongst the who's who of blogs and hip-hop websites. After releasing Big Lyfe's video for "Early Bird Gets the Worm" on Hot New HipHop,, FlyTimesDaily and in early 2011, the guys are returning back to to stake their claim on the streets of Pittsburgh and the in the online traps where their fan base is heavy. "I have so many songs," Big Lyfe explained. "I'm a songwriter and I have songs about all different types of topics from love to the streets, to working hard to make it everyday. I speak about real life experiences that I go through. I have a family and I make a living doing whatever I gotta do to make it. My music reflects that mentality." Having been faced with 135 months of incarceration, Steel City founder Ron McCrae has planned, plotted and strategized to find ways to capitalize off of the need for a Hip-Hop outlet in the city of Pittsburgh. Still fighting charges, Ron has returned stronger than ever now with his son rapping alongside Big Lyfe on their new project Cash over Caskets Vol. 2.