Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NEW VIDEO: GirlsNDrugs - "GirlsNDrugs"

While Hip-Hop/Electro-Pop duo Girls N Drugs, comprised of QtheMusic and Real Lyfe, has been developing their sound for just a few short years now, their eclectic personas and the overall energy in their music shows immeasurable growth. With a fundamental understanding of the musical trends driving clicks across the net, Girls N Drugs is on the cusp of widespread recognition across the blogosphere with their new hit song aptly titled "GirlsNDrugs" hitting the net late last week. 
Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, and Austin Texas, Girls N Drugs are products of having been exposed to a wide range of lifestyles, influences, and musical genres.  Learning how to create music under the tutelage of Sa-Ra, famed producers1500 or Nothin and THCGirls N Drugs sound is a new form of West Coast hip-hop music with electro-pop elements. Not only is Girls N Drugs a musical movement, but it is a popular culture and lifestyle brand accompanied by a clothing line.
"GirlsNDrugs is a representation of many things, like being the life of the party and being addicting as a person yourself," QtheMusic of Girls N Drugs explained. "Drugs is whatever your addiction is - even if you don't do drugs. You probably have popped an aspirin and alcohol is a drug along with cigarettes. In my book, drugs are very prevalent in todays youth. I honestly feel no matter who you are you like girls and drugs."