Saturday, December 12, 2020

Raff Pylon - “Christmas in California” Ft. Snoop Dogg

Today Canadian artist Raff Pylon releases his new music video for "Christmas in California" ft. Snoop Dogg just in time for the holidays. Teaming up with a Hip-Hop legend in Snoop Dogg, it's clear this Canadian knows just how to ring in the holiday season California style.

Inspired by the Christmas spirit and in preparation for the holiday season, “Christmas in California" is an R&B styled song with soft electro Pop beats that are sure to warm up the holidays for a wide audience.

"The legendary Snoop Dogg lended his voice to add even more California vibes to the track so his verse is super cool and unique. He also took part in the music video with me, so it’s been a ton of fun to see this whole thing come to life," Raff Pylon said.

Recently Raff Pylon has been on a steady rise with appearances on The Loop (eTalk), CTV Ottawa Morning Live, GlobalNews, SiriusXM and more. Adding to his catalog that includes his song “King’s Lane” with Tito Jackson from The Jackson 5, Raff Pylon vibes out with more of a Summery feel to this song than traditional Christmas songs.

"This time around we give a holiday song with a Summer flare that relates to everyone that celebrates the Holidays in the Southern warmer temperatures. It's especially for those like me who get to enjoy a Cali Christmas for the first time," Raff Pylon said. "This Christmas in California project is a huge project for me, it’s pretty much my biggest collaboration to this day. It’s also a very unique song for me as it is meant for the holidays which gives a rather special feel to it. Both the song and video are very cool because of the contrast it gives with all the other Christmas songs people are used to."

Raised in a town called Beloeil, on the south shore of Montreal. Raff's first language was French when he was growing up. After first hearing The Beatles for the first time, Raff's world was changed forever sparking an interest in playing drums, piano and eventually guitar.

By 17 years old Raff joined a band seeking to make a living off music and eventually he went solo as he developed his style further from a production standpoint.

"I always co-produce my songs with other producers that can help me in the studio. This time around, it was with Ben Pelchat and Grammy winner Earl Powell who has worked with Jennifer Hudson, The Jacksons and Keyshia Cole to name a few."

Fans who enjoy this track can look forward to the Prince Bagdasarian directed video who has movies on Showtime along with many more high level productions.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Boonie The Kid – “What You Know About” (Prod by Zaytoven)

Pittsburgh rapper and Steelhouse Entertainment C.E.O., Boonie The Kid, returns with a new hit single, “What You Know About”, produced by super producer Zaytoven.

Boonie and Zaytoven met up at the legendary producer, Cory Mo’s MAD Studios ATL located in Downtown Atlanta and got to work. Boonie was able to identify the track and immediately began working on the hook as Zaytoven assisted in bringing out the feeling and direction of the record.

Boonie then returned to Pittsburgh and put the final touches on the record. He then enlisted the talents of the highly decorated engineer, E. Dan of ID Labs Music for the final mix.

This heavy bass, hard hitting club banger encompasses witty punchlines and a catchy hook to compliment the classic production of Zaytoven.

Boonie rose to stardom after the release of his last single, Blue Diamond Girl which afforded him the opportunity to peak at 5 on the Indy Hitmakers Chart along with touring the Midwest on the Big Heff Industry’s Most Wanted Tour.

He was interviewed on numerous stations throughout the midwest and was featured on Thisis50 and Jack Thriller’s Party & Bullsh.. Show. The Artist and Steelhouse Entertainment Label owner released his new single through his strategic partnership with Grind Mode Music Worldwide and WhoMag Distribution/Sony Orchard.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Charley Brown ft. Gee Gee B. Stone – “How You Broke”

Recently 619 rapper Charley Brown released his single, "How You Broke." Repping the 619 which is San Diego, Charley Brown says the city is full of talent due to the outside stereotypes but he's painting a picture that other cities can relate to with a "Daygo vibe."

"How You Broke gives props to females but in a creative way. I’m not down playing broke dudes with bad women, I’m asking how u still ain’t got no bread but yo girl a boss bitch?"

"I started off making music with my click. I was street famous but hated talking, so music gave me that," Charley Brown said. "I featured my bro Gee Gee Bstone on this song and it was produced by Shawn Scope, the video was shot by Thomas Tyrell"

With 6 videos off his album, Charley Brown has plans to keep dropping roughly every week for the next 2 months with another album in the works at the end of that fury of releases.

Repping for his CBL (Can't Buy Loyalty) label the imprint has plans to release records from Gee Gee Bstone, Keith Warren, Chil Gates, Tiny Doo, Blak Fog and Evsy.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Loonie Babie - "Drill" (Remix) ft. King Von

Proving that Milwaukee, Wisconsin is way more than beer, cheese and the Green Bay Packers, versatile rapper Looney Babie delivers his new single “Drill” featuring recently slain Chicago rapper and OTF member King Von. 
While the preparation for his “Drill” single featuring King Von has been months in the making with music videos and more, nothing could have prepared Looney Babie for the untimely murder of King Von last week. In honor of his slain OTF friend and fellow Midwest rapper, Looney Babie decided to push forward with the release of “Drill” to give King Von fans something positive during these trying times. 
“Von was a smooth dude both times I met him. We both street ni**as, we both beat homicide cases so this Drill song was perfect for us. It’s f*cked up how things went and I send my condolences to his family and friends, but I hope this song brings some light to his family and fans. King Von went crazy on that one!” Looney Babie said. 
“I ain’t gonna lie this is one of my best mixtapes and its hosted by Drumma Boy who did all the sh*t with T.I., Jeezy and everyone else. I got beats from him on there, we got a couple of hits. I’m trying to get Rod Wave and Chief Keef on there but I got Peezy from Detroit part of Team Eastside, TEC from Baton Rouge, King Von. In my city it’s hard to make it out of here and it’s all about who you know and what your budget is. Rico Love, K-Camp are from here but most people don’t know that.” 
While people are familiar with all of the violence and crime in Chicago, Looney Babie is telling stories that show that Milwaukee is far from the sleepy Midwest town that people imagine it to be. 
“Chicago is like 4 times bigger than Milwaukee, but our city is just the same, it’s just little. We’re just two hours apart so it’s a mini-Chicago. When niggas get ran out of Chicago they come up there. If they don’t know nobody over here they think it’s a white lil hick town, but they soon realize, this ain’t that,” Looney Babie said. “When I used to go to other cities, they would say there ain’t no Black people up here but it’s def not what people think.” 
Escaping incarceration after beating a homicide charge in 2012, Looney Babie earned his name after gaining a reputation in jail for fighting and going crazy after finding out his mother died just 12 days before his birthday. He soon became known in his town for beating a murder charge and going “looney” while in county jail for two years. 
“I was just in there going crazy, a lot of fighting and stuff like that. One day I called home and told them they had named me that in jail and so it stuck and it was my name from then on,” Looney Babie said. “Right now I don’t like this shit though, from the police to the streets. I’m most definitely living all this, I spent two years in the county jail, but that shit gave me high blood pressure and I almost died in there. I spit my life on these tracks, I got a lot of shit coming, I recorded over 1000 songs so I’m just mixing them in and picking the best songs. You gonna see my growth in my music with everything that’s coming out, it’s all about me and my life or what I’ve seen my niggas go through. I’m just gonna spit my life and you either gonna like it or not.” 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

CWBY - "Trap Star"

Today CWBY releases his new single "Trap Star" a high energy and multi-genre spanning track that ties in the worlds of Country Rock music and Hip-Hop under one roof. 

Raised in Florida and first getting his start when he was 19 as a promoter at an EDM club, the now California residing rapper/singer CWBY has grown tremendously since his early years in music expanding from promoting to being an artist himself. 

"My first experience with music was when I was 19 and working as a promoter in a big EDM club in Tampa and the DJ asked if I wanted to be an MC/ Hype man for him. I fell in love with being on stage and walking around helping hype everyone throughout the night," CWBY said.

While CWBY's new single "Trap Star" relates to the world of the trap, the new single also has undertones of love and relationships that make this song something everyone can relate to on a personal level.  CWBY first entered the music world as a rapper, but before ever releasing a song, he discovered he had some talent as a singer as well. He quickly changed his style, combining the two forms of vocal delivery to further his musical outreach. Experimenting with various sounds and musical melodies, CWBY’s new musical flavor is rapidly catching speed across the country.

"This first single is kind of a love song mixed with a little bit of my personality as well. If you listen to the intro I am talking about basically every relationship I have been in or tried to enter. I love being with someone and being in love, but I tend to push them away because of my lifestyle that is always moving and busy," CWBY said. 

Venturing into a full blown cannabis business in addition to his music, CWBY lives a fast paced life that doesn't leave much room for relationships.

"The hook is telling the audience why I can't be with them. I live a fast paced life when it comes to business and music. I barely have time for myself let alone a relationship. I am completely independent and trying to figure out this industry by myself and also own a successful company and brand. Between the two I am always working and stressed out, but when I have free time I prefer to be alone and working on small, but important things like vocal lessons, piano lessons, fitness and Spanish lessons," he added. 

Produced by "Plantez" who is the same DJ who gave him his first gig as a hype man, CWBY lights up the screen in the O Soloman directed video leaving fans hopeful for more content in the future. 

In the up and coming months, he plans to release more tracks, pushing him closer towards his dreams and to becoming the next Billboard charting artist.

"In the near future I want to be performing at the highest level on the biggest stages. The idea of having thousands of people singing along to a song I wrote in my kitchen gives me goosebumps. To share that moment with them would be incredible. I truly believe I can get there too. It's my goal to inspire people who just want to be masters of their destiny whether that's being an entrepreneur, an artist, or just to make a better life for yourself and those around you. I’ve been through a lot. Heart breaks, I've been screwed over countless times, and just working hard, doing good business, being a man of your word and staying loyal to people, it'll get you there."

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Xay Capisce - "Shottas" Ft. Boosie

 Recently Alabama rapper Xay Capisce re-released his single titled, "Shottas," taken from his project ON GOD 2 that debuted in 2019.  

After taking some time off music to sort out some family issues, Xay Capisce is back in action for a collaboration with Lil Boosie that features a music video for the fans. 

"I coined myself the #SlumGod" Xay Capisce said. "I didn’t focus on radio before but now that the people are focused on me, they need to see and hear me all over, so I’m looking to be on most of your local stations really soon! We have constant spin on satellite radio and it's getting stronger."

Bred in a small Southern town that loves Southern Trap and what he calls "hustle music," Xay Capisce says trap is the most listened to music in his small town that's roughly 90 minutes away from Atlanta and just over the state line. 

"I came up listening to Boosie and so it was only right we do a record together. And Shottas being one of my favorite movies, I made the song and visual as relative to the movie as possible," Xay said. 

The track was produced by Beats The God and the music video was directed by Heatwave Global making sure this was a video the fans could appreciate for years to come. The Capisce LP will include production from GRAMMY Award nominated Priority Beats, 808Mafia, Cicero, BeatZ Da God and Arman to name a few. 

"They did great camera work for this video, this record is big for me because it's off my last project titled ON GOD 2 that did really well, so we had to re-release this track with Boosie as a single even though the new album is on the way - it is big for me." Xay Capisce said. "The next few months is all consistency!! We have my next 2 records dropping which are titled DEAR MR.46 (WE THE PEOPLE) which is a very politically motivated and charged record that is addressing the injustices and oppressions we face on a daily basis and what I have been facing since a youth born and raised in the heart of the south Alabama. We also have a club record that’s dropping at almost the same time titled RUN IT which is a heavy bass laden and uptempo track that makes you feel like a boss and running shit in whatever you do! So we working! My team keeps me busy!"

After fighting for his life in the judicial system for almost a decade, Xay Capisce has got a lot to say.

"I've been home barely 3 years so I want them to tap into my story and relate, so they can get an idea of exactly who they listening to," Xay Capisce explained.

With a radio promo run on the East Coast and then off to the Midwest and doubling back to the South before heading out west Xay Capisce is a busy artist with plans to reach out and meet the fans across the world including in NYC where he connected with Smit BDM and industry insider and dot connector who helped him earn Shade45 airplay.

"My mission is to let all the hustlers and kings know that it's possible to get out the slums doing something that you truly believe in!!! And the slums believed in you enough to be king! So now I’m transferring that same energy to the game. Myself and Drumma boy have an album coming titled “ALAMEMPHIS” to symbolize the union between Alabama and Memphis and what’s coming out of that! 

Radeem - "Muddy Waters"

Today Houston bred rapper Radeem releases his new single "Muddy Waters" which is currently spinning on radio in New York on HOT 97 and on Sirius/XM's Shade 45. 

Recalling memories of family and fun and making music as early as 16 years old, Radeem describes Houston as a city that he hopes to inspire and bring awareness to the different obstacles that many of people face. 

"Whether it's a cup of promethazine syrup or it's fear of breaking away from a toxic environment, it's very possible to make it across your Muddy Waters," Radeem said. 

Gearing up for a big Halloween performance along with Lil Boosie, MoneyBaggYo and YellaBeezy, Radeem knows that this new single is perfect for the Texas scene.  

"Today's Texas music scene is still striving with artists like Dallas’ Yella Beezy and Houston legends Z-Ro and Slim Thug still making relevant and good music. Together with a new wave of Houston rappers like Sauce Walka, Maxo Kream, Meg the Stallion, and Travis Scott, Texas culture is still one of the biggest influencers in Hip-Hop today," he said. 

While COVID has the world shut down, Radeem has no plans of slowing down adding a lot of recording and promoting to the agenda along with his Halloween show and work with New York industry insider Smit BDM.

"Me and the team plan to keep running the numbers up on Muddy Waters while campaigning the current singles until we create a heavy demand for a project. We also plan to keep recording new material to have enough to choose from in the mission control room," Radeem said.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Marin Big Bags - "In The City" Featuring BigWy and Azjah


Today we get a new single from West coast rapper Marin Big Bags who teamed up with legendary rapper Big Wy and developing talent Azjah for the single, "In The City."

There's a lot of hands on this track as Marin Big Bags combined the talents of Black Thompson and BigWy for production on the track, while also utilizing the skills of King David to executive produce her entire project, the Big Bag Season Ep. 

"My first single is titled, In The City and it features BigWy and Azjah, both are well known talented artists who I admire. I was grateful I had the opportunity to work with them both," Marin Big Bags explained. "Azjah did the hook, I did the first verse and just spoke my truth on how I’m really finna do this as an individual and a new artist. I bodied it and Big Wy did the second verse which he bodied too. I think it’s safe to say we have a hit on our hands."

Raised in Perris, California roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes from Los Angeles, Marin Big Bags grew up where the weather is hot most of the time. 

"It doesn’t bother me because I like the heat, the temperature stays in the high 90’s., Marin Big Bags said. "My boyfriend was developing an artist at the time and it didn’t work out with his artist because the artists were being difficult. One day while I was washing clothes he overheard me rapping a song and I convinced my boyfriend that he shouldn’t be looking for any artist because I’m the one he should be paying attention to and developing."

Over the next few months expect to see Marin Big Bags developing the rollout for her EP. With a lot of promoting and marketing it in different cities across the country Marin Big Bags also plans to target Europe, Africa, Asia and Caribbean with her music. 

"With Coronavirus I can't tour, but I wanna market in those foreign territories simultaneously, not just in the U.S, that's my real goal. And of course staying in the studio, creating more content for my fans.  Overall just pushing myself as a new artist," Marin Big Bags said. "I work long and hard to improve myself everyday in my music , in my delivery, in my writing and my creativity for the fans. So I hope they enjoy it and love it because it’s really done in love for them."

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Cameron Airborne Ft. Doobie and Caskey – “Past Life”

Recently South Florida rapper Cameron Airborne releases the psychedelic animated visual for his new track “Past Life.” Combining elements of animation and trippy visual graphics, Cameron Airborne trips on some acid in his house while playing video games and smoking out with some stallions and the track is featuring Doobie and Caskey. 

As the graphics go crazy for the viewers, Caskey and Doobie come alive on Cam’s video game while the two rap their verses in cartoon mode via the Colton Visuals directed video.  “I produced Past Life with my homie BMagic302 – I played guitar on the instrumental he added the 808 and the drums so it has that real gritty underground sound we co-produced this one. It’s more raw underground so I got Caskey and Doobie on the track. Doobie is out in LA and we were on tour last October and we have a good relationship, he gave me a shout out and a big cameo and a co-sign so to speak.” Cameron Airborne said. “COVID stopped a lot of my shows and I tour 3-4 times a year, but it’s picking up because of the last single with Jackboy. Promoters really started to hit me up once that song hit 1 million plays, but COVID gave me time to really focus on music and to put out a full body of work.” 

Cameron Airborne broke on to the Southern Florida scene with ease after a successful run online in late May and early April with his loaded K.E. on the Track produced single titled “No Cuffing” ft Jackboy. Quickly becoming a trending video on the website Lyrical Lemonade, Cameron Airborne garnered attention from the who’s who of websites online.  “Right after the No Cuffing visual came out I booked a whole tour in November and December. I just started getting a lot more attention, it trended on Lyrical Lemonade and so I just started building more fans, started selling more merch. I have my own website and I have a lot of different things going on and the fans are reacting.   Directed by Colton Visuals, Cameron Airborne is once again proving that his vivid imagination has no ends as he continues to create entertaining visuals for fans across the world. Combined with the management and marketing of WMR, Cameron is reaching new heights and fans with his tripped out visuals and infectiously melodic sounds.  

“The music video is insane, in the video we drop acid and Caskey and Doobie appear as cartoons with the visual. I figured out an idea to still incorporate them in the video but just have them in cartoons. I think this is going to be a really big song for me,” and excited Cameron Airborne said in a statement to the press.  

In addition to Cameron Airborne’s success in music, Cam is also stepping into the legal cannabis market with his own line of products in Oklahoma after partnering with Dreamworks Botanicals. “So right now I’ve decided to invest in the legal cannabis industry and I’m going to be coming out with my own strains in Oklahoma legally to be sold.  I’m becoming part of Dreamworks Botanicals which is a commercial licensed grow of Cannabis CBD and CBG and so we are going to be pumping that through Oklahoma.  All that came off the last track with Jackboy, it’s been going good and we’ve been piggybacking off the merch and it’s all tying into one.” Cameron Airborne said. 

“This is a chance for me to enter the legal cannabis industry, something I’ve always wanted to do, by having my own strains named after me. They are called Cameron Airborne Killa Kush or Killa OG. I know the fans are going to love it and it gives us another way to connect. Now they can smoke out and watch all my different visuals with my personal strain, I’m really excited about that."

Friday, September 18, 2020

YB Da Lord - "Menace 2 Society"

Today YB Da Lord delivers the new music video for the Snoopy produced track titled, "Menace 2 Society."
The track comes out via Sign Ya Self records the same label that helped Gucci Mane early on in his career and it has earned YB Da Lord some airplay as 94.5 FM gave him some shine with Lil Bankhead.
"The visual was shot by DROROLLDATAPE, but I directed it myself," YB Da Lord said. "It’s lit, it’s has a great vision, the song is dope"
Raised an hour north of Atlanta just east of Lake Lanier, YB Da Lord was always influenced by the music coming out of Atlanta and the south and started music in the church.
"I’m from Gainesville, Georgia, I lived there most of my life until moving to Africa with my dad in 2000," YB Da Lord said. "I started off singing at my grandparents church and from there developed my own sound. There's not a lot of major artists that came from my city, but there's a lot of talent in Georgia. I'm bringing TRAP ROCKINROLL to the game and I'm the first one to do it!"
Although Gainesville, Georgia has a music scene, things had become limited so YB Da Lord took his talents to Atlanta just up the road.
"There used to be plenty of places for artists to perfrom up there, but niggas kept shooting that shit up so the only ones I can think is Sparkles and Grove St," he said.
But despite Coronavirus YB Da Lord is still performing shows in state at the moment and is focused on reaching his goals and dreams. 
"Go hard for ya dreams, listen to the ones that love you the most and pay attention to the sharks in the water!"

Trillz Da Yung Apprentice- "Bad B*tch"

Today Trillz Da Yung Apprentice releases his new single "Bad B*tch" from his Road 2 Riches II project. "Bad B*tch is a blood pumping, high energy track that gives you a rush, it promotes women empowerment." 

Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, "but I'm from the trenches where the cameras don't want to go." After seeing 50 Cent on TV Trillz Da Yung Apprentice was encouraged and inspired by 50 Cent to pursue her career. 

 "I saw 50 Cent on TV and that sh*t was lit and it got inspired," he said. "I feel like in life you never stop learning so I don’t mind having mentors and teachers to show me the game to get further. 50 taught me a lot just watching him on TV." 

 With his eyes set on radio airplay Trillz Da Yung Apprentice comes the table with a host of new content and an ambition to be the best. 

 "I just gotta continue making music, period. I'm gonna get ready to have my way with the radio," he said. Sending one last message to the fans Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, "like Wayne said there would be no me without yall. Get ready it's about to be a lit ride."

Ghoo Tha Inspiration - "Young Nigga Shit" ft. Fat Chapo


Recently rising Southern talent Ghoo Tha Inspiration continues to push his video for his song, "Young Nigga Shit." 

"The video was actually directed by Dat Girl Cali, but it was shot by Pernell Rogers of King Boss Visuals. We were fortunate to get sponsored by OG Bobby Johnson of L.O.N Ent. so that really helped pull the video together," Ghoo Tha Inspiration said about his new single "Young Nigga Shit."

The KB produced track features Fat Chapo, an artist from Baton Rouge, who had ties to the late Real Gee Money and his TBG crew from Baton Rouge. While the crew that is considered to be competition, to their hometown artist NBA YoungBoy, Fat Chapo rides the beat and proves he's worth every bit of the hype surrounding his name. 

Raised in the tourist town of Savannah, GA near the beaches and tourist hotspots, Ghoo Tha Inspiration was fortunate to grow up amidst a thriving music scene. 

"The local music scene here is bigger now than it's ever been. Due to the fact that there are so many people doing it now. And also because of and due to the power of social media. So it's good...." Ghoo Tha Inspiration said. "It's a very beautiful city but despite that Savannah is well known for it's history and roots tied to slavery."

The scene rubbed off on Ghoo Tha Inspiration at an early age as he started making music as a kid in 4th grade. Shortly after meeting the late Camouflauge, and then recording at Pure Pain Records and Studios, Ghoo Tha Inspiration knew this was his passion.

Over the next few months Ghoo Tha Inspiration has plans to continue working hard, making music, dropping videos, and just really focusing on elevating his craft more.  

"I want to become more recognized, and established as an artist, label, and brand, and I think over COVID, I've done that," he said. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Philly Rapper Saynave Delivers New Single "Resume"

Recently Rapper/Producer Saynave delivered the audio to his new single "Resume," which is the first single from his yet to be titled project.

The Philadelphia-based, New Jersey-born, artist, hopes to bring back both the depth and complexities of the East Coast boom-bap era and the energy and attitude of the new generation of rappers. 

Saynave is bringing in a new chapter to his music career by working with Wealth Nation EntertainmentSaynave has released singles, videos and projects previously under the former stage name of N.ave. Extended Plays under the N.ave moniker and he released,  Black Professional (2017) and Black Magic (2018). Saynave’s first release under the name was a hard hitting EP titled Youngboy Bangerz

After previously delivering the singles "French Toast," and "Smart Girl," this young Philly upstart hopes to build on his previous successful EP Youngboy Bangers which he put together with the help of producer Noshadow.

The project will be released with Sony Music Ent./Orchard/Wealth Nation.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Trillest Entertainment Presents: Fetty Wap – “Fetty's Line Up"

 Fetty Wap just dropped a new mixtape titled “Fetty's Line Up”. The rap star is doing a series of mixtapes promoted by Trillest Entertainment, DaBlock365, and 520 Promotions featuring the hottest artists all around the world such as SunDownCharlie, Los Musick, P.A.T. Louisiana's Finest, T.Lae of Blunt Music, Big Romie G, Jay Max, Gavino Bankz, Paris Black, Gemini Jay, J Bandz and many others!

Monday, August 31, 2020


Recently digital production marketplace turned record label, BEATSTARS released an instrumental mixtape comprised of tracks from rising producer, Lil' Sprite.

Lil Sprite broke into producer prominence after he produced several tracks for Stunna4Vegas, a frequent collaborator of multi-platinium rapper DaBaby. With the help of Lil Sprite's production, Stunna 4 Vegas' album Rich Youngin peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200.

Lil Sprite's project highlights BEATSTARS recently inked distribution deal that delivers records to every retailer including Tik Tok, Instagram and more. The project is the first of many that we can expect to see from Austin, Texas based company BEATSTARS.

In addition BEATSTARS inked a co-publishing deal with Sony/ATV which includes pitching BEATSTARS for sync and recorded music opportunities. As part of the SonyATV deal, BEATSTARS are providing administrative and co-publishing deals to its members.

Friday, August 28, 2020

J. Morgan -"65 On The Dash" ft. Bubba Ca$h


Today veteran Bay Area rapper J Morgan (previously known as J-Doe) releases the visual to his new song "65 On The Dash" ft Bubba Cash. 

Taking a page out of your favorite rapper's book of one liners for his song title, J Morgan stunts in a clean Tesla Model X SUV with butterfly doors alongside his partner in crime Bubba Cash who also produced, mixed and mastered the song himself. 

"The track is called 65 on the Da$h, it is a collaboration with Bubba Ca$h," J Morgan explained. "The video was shot in Alameda California,I put the shoot together with a Tesla Model X and we got some great shots on a beautiful day. Bubba Ca$h produced this song. We engineered the session ourselves in my studio and Bubba Ca$h mixed and mastered it."


For the Noble Cinema directed visual, Nobe Inf Gang, shot and cut by the video that was directed by Nobe, Bubba Ca$h and J Morgan himself.

Spinning around an airport lot doing donuts and rapping with the butterfly doors open, these to emcee's drop a visual with lyrics that draws on some of Texas' screwed up days, while capturing the best of the Bay Area's independent movement.

"I love the diversity we have in the Bay Area, there are so many different artists to look up to and find inspiration. The independent game is crazy and being raised in a region that helped push the independent mentality made it easy to make the decision to pursue a career in music," J Morgan said. "I've opened up shows for Ras Kass, The Jacka, San Quinn, Berner, Sellassie and Love Rance and it really helped me grow a fan base. I think I owe that to the music scene here."

This track finds a home on J Morgan's album called Free Life, a collaboration with Bubba Ca$h. J Morgan's Free Life will be his 17th project and his 7th under the J Morgan moniker. 

Needless to say it's been a crazy year for J. Morgan despite the impact of COVID-19 he remained busy releasing two projects including Free Life.

"Bubba Ca$h mixed and mastered the album and produced 4 of the songs and Nobe Inf Gang produced two of the songs. The album is my 2nd project I have dropped this year and I’m currently working on a handful of solo songs," J. Morgan said. "I had shows booked for August, September and October in San Francisco and the Los Angeles area but everything was officially cancelled. Outside of that, I did a Facebook Live performance with Stevieboy Muziq and I’m currently working on some unique live stream events but in person shows are not something I wanna focus on until people start going back out and living normal."

Chef Sean Returns With New Music Video For "Feelings" From His Album My Life

Today rapper Chef Sean returns with the new relatable music video for his song "Feelings," taken from his album, My Life. The song is one of several major releases during the COVID-19 pandemic and caps off a highly successful year despite the lockdown.  From the trap to shawty blowing up his phone, fans get a chance to enter the world of Chef Sean with no filter. 

For the Bhrama Bull and Pamala Richardson directed visual Chef Sean connected with his new sponsor WEIV, a social media platform that allows celebrities and public figures to generate revenue directly from the application instead of using their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, which doesn't currently allow them to monetize the content directly. 

"Feelings, is a song that speaks to the climate of the world right now, everyone is in their feelings and emotions are at an all time high. People are at odds and they are having a hard time coming together as one. I hope this song brings people together, it's just about having fun," Chef Sean said. "When people hear this song I hope they take on sec to come out of their feelings and just try to see the world for what it is, have some fun and just don't take things too seriously."

Currently residing in Los Angeles, by way of Chicago, Chef Sean has been on a serious grind the past four years turning over accolade after accolade with ease. From sold out shows sharing the stage with major artists to recording and songwriting with the best in the industry in Los Angeles, Chef Sean is fully immersed in the music scene in Los Angeles.  Racking up features with Jeremih, Al B and more, Chef Sean has put together a string of successful songs to entertain fans during these tough times. 

Since the start of 2018 Chef Sean has had quite a run performing and winning awards across the country. Most recently he was named the Core DJ's Artist of the Year, a highly touted award in the Midwest and he was invited to perform at the Rolling Loud Bay Area shows. On top of the aforementioned successes, Chef Sean finally began to earn well-deserved syndicated radio airplay across the United States helping him reach into Billboard's Hot Single Sales which measures the sales of commercial singles and is one of the component charts of the Hot 100.

"Performing at Rolling Loud really opened the audience up to my world and gave me a chance to meet them halfway. Performing on that stage with so many people in the crowd was a great experience that I can build on. I wanted to have an innovative setlist so I am always working on new ways to entertain the entertain the crowd," Chef Sean said. "Right now I'm just focused on entertaining people during these tough times, everyone needs a break at some point."