Saturday, December 12, 2020

Raff Pylon - “Christmas in California” Ft. Snoop Dogg

Today Canadian artist Raff Pylon releases his new music video for "Christmas in California" ft. Snoop Dogg just in time for the holidays. Teaming up with a Hip-Hop legend in Snoop Dogg, it's clear this Canadian knows just how to ring in the holiday season California style.

Inspired by the Christmas spirit and in preparation for the holiday season, “Christmas in California" is an R&B styled song with soft electro Pop beats that are sure to warm up the holidays for a wide audience.

"The legendary Snoop Dogg lended his voice to add even more California vibes to the track so his verse is super cool and unique. He also took part in the music video with me, so it’s been a ton of fun to see this whole thing come to life," Raff Pylon said.

Recently Raff Pylon has been on a steady rise with appearances on The Loop (eTalk), CTV Ottawa Morning Live, GlobalNews, SiriusXM and more. Adding to his catalog that includes his song “King’s Lane” with Tito Jackson from The Jackson 5, Raff Pylon vibes out with more of a Summery feel to this song than traditional Christmas songs.

"This time around we give a holiday song with a Summer flare that relates to everyone that celebrates the Holidays in the Southern warmer temperatures. It's especially for those like me who get to enjoy a Cali Christmas for the first time," Raff Pylon said. "This Christmas in California project is a huge project for me, it’s pretty much my biggest collaboration to this day. It’s also a very unique song for me as it is meant for the holidays which gives a rather special feel to it. Both the song and video are very cool because of the contrast it gives with all the other Christmas songs people are used to."

Raised in a town called Beloeil, on the south shore of Montreal. Raff's first language was French when he was growing up. After first hearing The Beatles for the first time, Raff's world was changed forever sparking an interest in playing drums, piano and eventually guitar.

By 17 years old Raff joined a band seeking to make a living off music and eventually he went solo as he developed his style further from a production standpoint.

"I always co-produce my songs with other producers that can help me in the studio. This time around, it was with Ben Pelchat and Grammy winner Earl Powell who has worked with Jennifer Hudson, The Jacksons and Keyshia Cole to name a few."

Fans who enjoy this track can look forward to the Prince Bagdasarian directed video who has movies on Showtime along with many more high level productions.