Monday, June 14, 2021

BRB Loopy - "Blessing"

Recently Midwest rapper and prominent East St. Louis rapper BRB Loopy delivered his new visual "Blessing" to fans. Fresh out of the hospital and in recovery from a vicious shooting that almost took him from his family and loved ones, BRB Loopy returns with strength and delivers an emotional visual after taking five shots.

 "I just want the fans, the older fans, the newer ones just coming in, I appreciate you all. Going through what I went through over the past few months, I know people and fans have gone through what I've gone through and hopefully if fans go through this they can relate. I just hope they can stick with me because we on the way for sure," BRB Loopy explained. As of now this song will be a single, but according to management BRB Loopy will just continue to release singles through Create Music through the next few releases. "When I put the album together this will be on there for sure," BRB Loopy said. "Create is bringing their staff and they are known for their social media presence. They reached out to us and so we are going to release a few records through them and see how this goes." 

 In the visual BRB Loopy can be seen with his kids embracing them and holding them closely, as his perspective on life has truly changed after being humbled by the nearly fatal shooting. "A lot has changed quickly, I got shot 5 times, I lost a kidney, still working on getting my right leg back together. After I got shot I got pulled out of my hospital bed by police and I'm still fighting a case with an ankle monitor, but the situation woke me up and the situation is a lesson learned for real for real and it's a blessing to be alive, which is how I came up with the song" BRB Loopy said. 

 Refusing to give in to the perpetrators and quit rapping BRB Loopy embraced this challenge in his life by fighting for his life and coming home to his family. 

 "The image that I wanted to get out is about family. I wanted to make sure people felt the song and then putting those images with the song, it shows people that this is real life, this is something that really went on. The hospital scene, my family interacting in the church scene, it made sure that I was bringing everything to life. I had my family members come out so that it made it look like a full church and it really helped my image and the family images I wanted to put out," BRB Loopy said. 

 With Summer on the brink of breaking through BRB Loopy has his sights on establishing some stability and focus to continue to crank out records. 

 "I got court this Summer and then I got my birthday and I'm hoping to get this ankle monitor removed so that I can do shows, radio and appearances that I want to make. Then I will probably be moving to Florida or Atlanta and just putting everything in my music."

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Leintz - Santana (Hosted By DJ Kay Slay)

Today Rocky Mountain based and New York raised rapper Leintz drops off new music for fans. Bouncing back after the birth of his son with a project adorning his son's "Santana" name, this well travelled rapper/street entrepreneur is on a grind that's starting to gain recognition across the game.

 "The title of my project Santana speaks for itself since it’s a picture of me holding my son’s hands through a walkway of my old neighborhood in Queens. It’s my son’s name and the reason why I named it Santana was because he brought the hustle outta me ten times more and he motivates me to do better. I have a mouth to feed and he’s counting on me," Leintz explained. "I named my son Santana because I was always fascinated with that name in the hopes that one day if I had a son, I was going to name him that." 

 Branching out to the Colorado rap scene which is a lot different than Queens, New York rap scene, Leintz gives fans something that's got a diverse sound with his Santana effort. 

"The Colorado rap scene is dope. The Hip-Hop community in Colorado is very small since it's more of a hippy/techno/country music kind of state with not much diversity but they got crazy lyricists and some ill producers and DJs

When asked how he connected with the rappers on the Colorado scene, Leintz said that he had been working on connecting with these artists featured on the project throughout high school and college.

"I connected with them my senior year in high school and all through college when I saw a couple cyphers/battles, etc. I didn’t know they had this much talent out here, but I’ve seen some of their performances and listened to their music and they really got something to say!"

Going forward Leintz looks to build on the success with continuing to have his records spun at major radio stations across the East Coast on his home turf. 

"My plans to promote this project are to continue having my songs spin through Shade45, Hot97 and possibly other radio stations. I'm dropping more visuals to get to these blogs more and I'm building business relationships with these TikTok/Instagram influencers with heavy following and whatever I can get access to overall," Leintz said. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

"Bam Roc - Bloc Work"

Recently Crown Heights rapper Bam Roc delivered his momentus new single titled, "Bloc Work." Building upon his previous efforts since he was a kid rapping on blank tapes over HOT 97 instrumentals, this Brooklyn upstart gives fans bar after bar of lyrics to keep the listener locked in.
"I came across Axel Beats Summer of 2017-18 and I saw his beats had a large impact on drill music in Brooklyn, so I searched him up on YouTube where he had a variety of beats," Bam Roc explained. "It took me some time to find the right beat because I like to go off of a feeling and vibe when I write and create my work. I don’t like to force the music, to me when you do that it takes away from the authenticity, but once I found the right beat for my single Bloc Work I knew I had something."
Remaining true to his upbringing in Brooklyn, Bam Roc has grown from a kid to a man through rap and you can hear it in his lyrics and sound.
"I’m from Crown Heights, Brooklyn born and raised, I love my neighborhood - there’s a lot of different cultures and races it’s a very diverse place. We also have the big Caribbean parade also known as the Labor Day Carnival - the food is amazing. Growing up I always had something to do, from jumping bike ramps, to playing man hunt, to seeing fights it was different but I wouldn’t change where I’m from for nothing. It taught me a lot growing up as a kid and now a man."
Rapping since the age of 12 and watching my family The Ranjahz try their hand at the music industry, Bam Roc used to record over instrumentals as a kid but basketball was his dream through junior high and high school. By the time Bam Roc turned 18 years old, he was taking the craft more seriously and released his first official remix to DJ Unk's “Walk it out.
Teetering on the boundaries of multiple genres of music, Bam Roc describes his music as Hip-Hop, but a mixture of different cultures combined with Drill music to cater to the ears of his people in NYC today.
"My music is more Hip-Hop, but my style has a mixture of different cultures. I listen to a lot of Rock and Pop music as well from the early 2000’s and I also like to cater to the people's ears. Drill music started for me in 2018 where I decided to switch it up a little bit and work on adding another style and flow to my arsenal," Bam Roc explained. "Working on Drill music helped me channel my energy more when recording, giving off a different flare. Knowing I can be lyrical I blended the drill with my Hip-Hop and I created my own style for people to listen to and gravitate towards"

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

PVRTH - "When I'm Down"

Adorning a cryptic mask with a somber demeanor East Coast artist PVRTH delivers the new visual to his hair-raising song, "When I'm Down." Filming the visual in New York City, this rising rap artist thinks outside the box with his horror friendly vibes as he lurks around the New York City subways rapping over a lively trapped out beat, produced by frequent collaborator Dark Rose. Included with the visual release of "When I'm Down," PVRTH gave fans an opportunity to win one of his masks. The winner of the contest would also get a $25 Amazon gift card for participating and joining in on the epic release. The single marks a new chapter in the history of the artist PVRTH, with new, professional music videos and a better distribution service.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Priceless da Roc - TurnxUpGod


With Features From Guapdad4000, Nef The Pharaoh, D-Lo, Azjah, Myles Parrish, Kool John, Sierra Sprague and more

 Today active Bay Area mainstay and reliable turn up machine, Priceless da Roc returns with his new spirited album TurnxUpGod.

Produced by himself with the help of Bay Area production team Slight WorkPriceless Da Roc also got a little help from his friends on this project getting the assists on verses from Guapdad4000, Nef The Pharaoh, ShooterGang Kony, Lil Bean, D-Lo, Azjah to name a few. 

"This project I got is called TurnxUpGods and the reason it's called that is because being in the Bay area with all the movements we've had out here it just fits with who I am, so with this project I wanted to put it all together and make it fun. When I first started working on the project Coronavirus hadn't happened yet, but I just started working on beats and working on the keys more, I just got deep into the quarantine session.  Then I just made the project over, being in the house I challenged myself to make it better. I produced most of it and it's one of the best projects I've put together," Priceless Da Roc proclaimed.

Known for taking over the stage, dancefloor or any other entertainment venue where he gets the mic, Priceless Da Roc brings liveliness to this listener's speakers with an action packed project full of Bay Area lingo and enthusiasm that is difficult to match. Accompanied by a host of talent that's rising on the West Coast, Priceess Da Roc has put together a solid effort that will be perfect for performances once live venues re-open. 

"My music is high energy diverse music - some songs you can jump around, some songs you get the bars, but I feel like my music is thrilling music as a whole." Priceless Da Roc said. "I've always really done music, I just didn't take it 100% seriously until I got older. You know you gotta bring the energy and the fun to The Bay. I kinda always had the passion and love for music, I guess I was the guy that would come and dance in a circle and do the moves, I always had a love for entertainment and so as I got older I found a way to make a career out of it." 

Spending time all over the country but finding his real home in The Bay, Priceless Da Roc spent a lot of time in San Francisco and Daly City where he had a studio.  Born in Lompac as a military kid, Priceless Da Roc spent some time in D.C but with most of his family being in San Francisco it's where he ended up settling for good. 

"I get my energy from just being out at events and always being out - I was always the one hitting the dance circle and it's always been my personality to pop out at you and it's just my personality as a whole. It transcended into the music.  My style is a little unorthodox and it pops out at you, but it gets what you need to get," Priceless Da Roc said.  "I think The Bay is known strongly for being an independent rap scene and fans know songs out here that have never left The Bay. In The Bay it's about just being yourself it's a little bit easier to make money and make music when you are being yourself."

Going forward, Priceless Da Roc is planning on releasing a host of videos from the project with his goals set on dropping 10 videos from the project.  

"So far with the project dropping on the 5th, we already got about 4-5 videos done, we are gonna try to do like 10 videos in total. We want everyone to see the culture and how we do in The Bay and the style here on the West Coast and everything. I like to have fun in my visuals to make sure it's entertaining, we have stories and we have fun.  The videos are full of entertainment and it gives people the energy of how we felt when we made the song. We only dropped one so far and the others come out when the project drops, but we got a lot of videos for the fans."

With giveaways and some online parties planned, Priceless Da Roc is bringing the entertainment to the fans like only he can, trying to capture the spirit of his live performances online. 

"It's not the same but we want people to have some fun and get a lil turn up in their system!"

Friday, March 19, 2021

Pure Luxury - Original P

Recently charismatic Los Angeles bred rapper Pure Luxury delivered his new single, "WTH" for fans online in the form of a colorful new music video.  With a desire to make music that goes well beyond just the L.A. sound, Pure Luxury  dropped the upbeat and commercial friendly visual from his recently released project Original P.  Refusing to stick to the script and with his sights on the end of the pandemic "WTH" visual is a hilarious slice of Pure Luxury's humor. 

"The project is called Original P, I feel like my sound is like current and diverse on this project, but it's still cohesive and as far as the sound," Pure Luxury said. "People's attention spans are so short, that I think for people to appreciate it they have to hear music that is straight to the point."

"Enrgy is this producer that made the beat, I found him on Youtube and his shit is crackin', this shit be going crazy. It's just a turn up song, I was irritated at my girl and I had to make something to turn up. That's how I release my frustrations, I think people are gonna relate to it."

Raised in Inglewood and L.A.'s west side of the city, Pure Luxury is a multi-talented rapper who also plays the guitar, saxophone and drums after his parents introduced him to music around the age of 5 or 6.  Having previously attended USC's Thornton School of Music, Pure Luxury stepped away from college amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the school's rising cost of tuition of more than 75k per year. 

"I've been making music since I was 5  or 6 years years old. I play guitar, saxophone, drums stuff like that and I started just going crazy making beats in high school and my friend inspired me to rap. After unsuccessfully trying to get big rappers on beats I said f*ck it I'm gonna do it myself," Pure Luxury explained

"Then I went to college, I never even wanted to go to college, but I went to school at USC and I went to the Thornton School of Music. I went because it made my parents happy and you have to get what you need out of the school. I just didn't want to go into debt - 200 racks for a degree."

From quitting school to touring with YG on a nationwide tour Pure Luxury has had quite the run as he recently recalled his time on tour with YG and first getting his shot to blow up.

"When I went on tour with YG it was crackin, then I thought I was about to blow up once I was about to go on tour with Game too. YG had hit me and his little brother tapped in and started managing me and I ended up signed to the president of 400 Ent, D Moore in 2020.  The whole timeline is crazy but pretty much I signed a deal and he was giving me a little bit of bread but I didn't feel like we utilized everything we had. I'm pretty much at the point with this whole Coronavirus stuff where I've upgraded my sound, I'm more mature with my sound and what I was doing was good, but it was some West Coast sh*t and I don't want to get boxed in."

When asked to describe his sound, Pure Luxury explained that his sound is upbeat, turn up music, where he's not trying to be the greatest rapper ever lyrically, he just wants to make radio hits. 

"It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in, but my sound is fun and upbeat and it's turn up music. I mean honestly man I just want to get to the bag, it just depends on the mood but as far as songs are involved I just want to drop some bars on a song - I'm just trying to  make radio. I don't need crazy lyrics. I don't care if I'm the greatest rapper ever, I just want to make stuff that's dope," he added.

Describing his new project Original PPure Luxury said he wants people to have fun during this time of stress and tragedy with COVID-19. The new video for "WTH" reflects that fun and excitement that's building for when things open back up in L.A..

"I just want people to feel good when they play WTH. It's upbeat and I know when the scenes open back up, I'm going to be back on the scene," Pure Luxury said. "I'm not no street dude or a hood banger, I'm not gonna cap. People be thinking I'm signed with a big crazy budget when they see my visuals, but we are just a small independent label."