Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Actual Blog Post: VOL. 1 (Dr. Dre)

So rarely do I post an actual blog post but something happened last night (well, early this morning) that I must share with you. When i got home last night around 2am I checked my twitter and I noticed that Just Blaze posted that he was on his mogolus site streaming live from the studio in LA. I logged in and before I know it, Dr. Dre came into the room and said whatsup to everyon in the chat:

For someone like the good ol' Doc, who stays hiding, stays secretive, and stays behind the scenes- it was such a cool experience to even have him say "whatsup everyone, Just Blaze is working on some tracks for Detox, I appreciate all of the support". I know i am young, 21 in fact, but I have been in this business for long enough to know that what I used to consider fun (going to concerts, listening to music) has turned in to my work. There has been many times when I wish I didn't enter the industry that would bring me so much happiness and make that my profession because not everything is smooth sailing and I did not want to mess up the good relationship I had with music. An event like the legendary Dr. Dre saying a few words on the live stream has made me realize music is fun and exciting again. Yes it is my work, but I can also love it again. Working in the industry I know the truth about what happens and how it really is: how most people don't have money even though they act like they do, how most people do not even create their own music, how most people are so incredibly arrogant, how most people cheat on their significant others with a new girl or guy in every city, how most people never pay you for hard work that you do, how most people never appreciate you for the hard work you do, all the lies.. but you know what- seeing Dr. Dre last night made all that bullshit worth it.
You know the feeling of complete happiness and excitement a 12 yr old girl gets when she sees The Jonas Brothers? Well thats the excitement I felt last night seeing Dre in JB's live video stream. That type of excitement that motivates you to do better even though you thought you were doing your best. That type of excitement that makes the bullshit you went through seem not so bad and minimal. That type of excitement that you want to put into a bottle and keep forever? Thats what I feel right now. I am excited, full of adrenaline that I am going to use to keep myself motivated. Motivated to reach for that next level, whatever it is.
Some of you may think I sound incredibly ridiculous right now but I really do not care- I just had to share this.


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